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Look Up

30 Mar

I’ve got a GREAT idea.  It’s so simple …

I know!!! Simple doesn’t mean easy…

Can we start looking?  Seeing even?


What would it be like to unplug for a second?  Or, I’m really working with you all here, stay plugged in and just take a pause for a second.  I think your perspective would change…

Mine does.

My current fantasy (affirmed by my friend P.) goes a bit like this:  Install an app on everyone’s electronic device that every 2 minutes (or something) freezes all applications and posts– LOOK UP— then it returns you to whatever email, text, facethingy you were doing.  Hehehe :P.

What would this do for your day?  Your life?  The courtesy of the people around you…

Hint Hint- NYCity!!

Or else, I fear, things might ACTUALLY start to look like this:

Seriously. 😦

Look up today.  It will matter for the patterns in your brain tomorrow.

And, if you are of the app. making kind– feel FREE to indulge my idea!  ❤


Missing the Pin

16 Mar

This one is kinda AMAZING…

Maybe because it comes from my one of my inspiring best ladies L!

LOVE her… 🙂

It starts with PINTEREST.  Now, speaking honestly, which I really try to do, I know hardly anything about this viral site?  Except to say that people really love it.  And, it involves clicks and imaginary vision boards or food pictures or something…

Feel free to clue me in!

Then, people ‘pin’ these things on their avatar boards?  Or, something.  For a fantastic inspirational, sharing plate.  Or, fantastical reality.

Or, fantastic waste of time?… 😦

Thankfully, my (lack of) knowledge of pinterest, is not what this post is about…

It’s a framework…

More ‘pinning’:

How often do we stay stuck in (0n) the same story / job / delusion / ‘reality’ / website 😉 when we cognitively know it does not serve us?  How much time do we spending looking for a ‘quick’ external pin (or poke 😉 ) and find nothing?  Or, frivolity. Or, wanting.  Or, empty pursuit.

How much do we really MISS the pin entirely?

From my lovely L (with her permission):

L. is a smart, kind, articulate, realized, real woman.  She’s also a ‘victim’ of the world circa now and a HAPPY, new engagement.  Translation:  she likes the internetevenmore!

L. was telling me how she found something amazing that she wanted to add to her Pinterest profile for her upcoming wedding.  This makes sense.  But due to clusterf*ck that is using technology it was a bit complicated.

(HINT:  It’s always a bit complicated.)

In her effort to pin something she told spent an hour searching for the pin.  In effect wasting time…  Wasting energy…  Wasting what could have been nourishing minutes spent.

In effect:  she holistically missed the pin.

To note– those are her BRILLIANT words.  Not mine.

Now, I do not necessarily think that an hour on a website is a catastrophe, but, I do see her point.  It’s a practice.  We can too often get stuck in little details or even ‘some days’ and MISS out on our lives!  We can wait for next year’s taxes or the next job or the next relationship or the next external pinterest 😉 and pin our happiness to that.  That’s MISSING the pin!!!

It’s not OUT there.  It’s in you.

LIVE your life.  Google things sparingly.  LOVE your friends.  Don’t wait.

A little pinning is okay too… 😛