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Swaha… Or LET GO

18 Apr

In yoga, there is a term for making conscientious efforts towards your goals while, simultaneously, allowing for non-attachment and ease with the resultant outcomes of your pursuits.


Because really– we do NOT have control.  Not of the universe.  Not even of our morning coffee.

I was reminded of this when writing a letter to my friend A.  Too often, people can seem daft– even the well meaning ones!  And, it is our nature to feel hurt.  Misunderstood.  Un-heard.

In cases of (mis)communication:  How do we not take things personally?

What if it’s not about us?  What if every communication has a back-story… (HINT:  Every communication does have a back-story!) simply due to the fact that we are living our ‘story’.  I mean aren’t you?!!!

Does yours have wishes and happy endings and CLARITY too?!  😛

Abstractly, I TOTALLY get this.  I get how communication might as well be bird-calls sometimes to very untrained human ears.

Translated:  It’s never about us.


But, what about when it feels like it is personal?!  How do we swaha that and return to clear intention?  How do we stop fighting the whining birds?!

Sidenote:  My mother used to accuse me of “whining for the birds” and I guess it stuck!

My swaha:  As some of you know, I’m opening a business.  And, most people have the MOST generous, kind, lovely supporting offerings.  And, some don’t.


And, honestly, probably none are really about me.


It’s been helpful for me to remember to try to take nothing personally.  Because, even if it’s not business time, life is personal for each of us.

How do you say SWAHA in bird? 😛


Look Up

30 Mar

I’ve got a GREAT idea.  It’s so simple …

I know!!! Simple doesn’t mean easy…

Can we start looking?  Seeing even?


What would it be like to unplug for a second?  Or, I’m really working with you all here, stay plugged in and just take a pause for a second.  I think your perspective would change…

Mine does.

My current fantasy (affirmed by my friend P.) goes a bit like this:  Install an app on everyone’s electronic device that every 2 minutes (or something) freezes all applications and posts– LOOK UP— then it returns you to whatever email, text, facethingy you were doing.  Hehehe :P.

What would this do for your day?  Your life?  The courtesy of the people around you…

Hint Hint- NYCity!!

Or else, I fear, things might ACTUALLY start to look like this:

Seriously. 😦

Look up today.  It will matter for the patterns in your brain tomorrow.

And, if you are of the app. making kind– feel FREE to indulge my idea!  ❤