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“Nothing Happens…

30 Jan

Until Something Moves.”

Yup.  In the most ironic, winky, f-ed up, synchronicity kind of way that quote was my ice-breaker introduction at yoga school.



Jamie basically lost her stuff in front of a room full of 20 hipster NYC yoga ‘friends.’ 


In my defense humanity, let me road-map the day week leading up to said quote for you.  What I’ve done recently (and I don’t recommend this full-tilt approach…):

– Teach my last ‘official’ classes at my home yoga studios.  I love Mighty Bird! ;).  And, my last skating lessons for a while in Ithaca.

– Train 3 different people to take over various management, supervising, and support positions I was (yikes!) happily employed in.

Sidenote:  Enjoyment does not mean that things can’t and should not be challenged to grow.

– Introduce / dialogue with the new yoga therapist at IOP and transition her into the program.

– Say ‘be well’, love you, trust what’s already there to my girls…

Yes.  I’m listening too. 😛

– Pack up my house in BOXES with a lot of help from my friends.  Ship / store said boxes.

– Give up my apartment. 😦

Goodbyes.  This oxymoronic word is quite the lie.  Goodbyes just kinda suck.  (And, that’s how they should go.  I’ve loved and I know how special my relationships are.)  Even though everyone is still with me.  Just not physically…

Which brings me to NOW:

I am pseduo-jobless, living at my friends in NYC, crying at a yoga training.  Yeah.

I’m kinda a badass?

EXCEPT:  Nothing happens until something moves.  And, that’s exactly what I’ve done.  Moved on.  Stepped it up.

I can’t wait to tell you about what is happening.

It’s pretty freaking rad!!!


So, then he punched him in the face…

18 Jan

Love comes in many forms.

This is a lesson I try to understand a lot.  Because, sometimes, the MOST loving thing doesn’t feel like love.  Sometimes, the most loving thing feels hard.  Like hurt even.   This is hard to understand…

Because, sometimes, it’s like we are flying upside-down and love— honest love will try to straighten us.  Except we don’t like this.

Half the time we don’t know we are upside-down in the first place…

But, love, love can right us.  Even when it knocks us down.

I struggle with this sometimes at work.  I facilitate a supervised dinner.  It’s a wonderful-hard-revelation-frustration thing.  I struggle sometimes between saying the ‘kind’ thing verses saying the ‘right’ thing.  Then, it occurred to me:  saying the ‘right’ thing IS saying the ‘kind’ thing.  Sometimes we get nowhere in couched niceties.  Sometimes love is calling out the bullshit.

Let me explain.  In story form!  This one is courtesy of my beautiful monk-friend I.

There were two monks mediating at a RAGING river.  Suddenly, a crazed man– we’ll call him Wilbur– showed up with the intent to cross the raging river.  This was a BAD choice.  The river was too wild to cross.  Death or dismemberment would surely insure…

The first monk came out of his mediation and approached Wilbur and tried to tell him not to cross the river.  He explained the risks associated.  He explained that Wilbur would likely die.  Still, Wilbur would not be convinced.  The monk recognized this and went back into his mediation…

Then, the second monk came into the scene.  This monk too tried to rationalize with Wilbur.  He explained that the choice to cross the river in this moment was tantamount to death.  Wilbur, again, would not listen…

So, then he punched him in the face. 

Wilbur was unconscious.  (In a lot of ways…)  But now, he could not cross the river.  Kudos to monk two!

Love hurts.  But, it also saves lives…

Sometimes, we need to say the hard things.  Take actions that feel aggressive.  Battle a little. 

Because we LOVE a lot.

What a BEAUTIFUL thing ❤