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The Ghost of Charles Norris…

20 Feb

Oh reaction puppy!  Where art thee?


I think I need to explain…

I had a puppy for 3 days.  His name was Charles Norris.

Charles Norris

He was a 1 lb 9 oz teacup Chihuahua.    He was amazing.  He also activated my allergies to the threat level–REALLY DAMN BAD.

With allergies, you’d think I would have thought him through.  (Please PETA and animal lovers– don’t hate me…)  And, I did.  But, I also really wanted him.  I deeply believed he would be a mentally healthy choice for me.

So, I figured that medication*–LOTS– of medication would get me over the hump.  And, (I self-justified) he was small.  Then, I could start acupuncture?…

There was definitely some good Ivy league thinking up in my head ;).

I was so very wrong.

(*Especially, about the medication bit.   PLEASE!  Do not mix allergy medications.  It is all kinds of messy.  Dry mouth.  Panic attack.  Literal crazy.   Messy…)

Speaking honestly, sweet Charles Norris was a reaction.  He was my reaction to a hard break-up and living alone.  Again.

He was a reaction to a new relationship and not being able to voice my needs.  Again.

It is only fitting that he gave me all types of reactions.

Charles Norris was a good experience.

Sometimes, this sitting with life is hard.

Sleepy Norris

But not always.

Thank you Charles Norris.