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28 Feb

If your day seems like you are on one.  If you feel like you are caught moving and not going.  If you are caught repeating motions without noticing change.

Here is my FAVORITE reminder that we do not have to become stuck or stagnant:

Whether on a literal treadmill or one of your own making.

Move your mind!  🙂



Hello / Goodbye

21 Feb

John Lennon was a very smart man.  He knew things.  LOVE.  That sometimes all the time, underneath it all,it is all the same.


Confusing as hell…

Case and point:

You say “yes” and I say “no”.   Except.  Behind every no there is a yes.

Think about it.  When you are saying ‘no’– what might you being saying ‘yes’ to?  A different story?  A different want?  Yourself?

In a sea of ‘no’ and negativity find your yes.

It’s there!