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A Mindful Tummy

9 Feb

Is a HAPPY tummy.

That’s what NYTimes reported recently and is something I know to be true.

Except when I’m with a cupcake…  Sigh? 😛

There is a new trend in eating called:  CHECKING IN.  Apparently, people are starting to ask:  ‘Is this what I am hungry for?‘ and ‘Is this what my body needs?‘ and ‘Why am I eating this?– Is it because of my feelings?

And, the best part, it’s working to make food food (which it is) and people feel.  Better.

Or, like themselves.

Minus the extra bacon guilt.

The thing about mindfulness is you start to notice.  And, you notice that your mind is FULL.  But, then, maybe, just maybe, your belly doesn’t have to be.  You can start instead to empty yourself.  And, fuel properly.

Just because you feel (heart) achy doesn’t mean your tummy has to.

To quote:

“Thich Nhat Hanh often talks about our craving being like a crying baby who is trying to draw our attention …

When the baby cries, the mother cradles the baby to try to calm the baby right away. By acknowledging and embracing our cravings through a few breaths, we can stop our autopilot of reaching out to the pint of ice cream or the bag of chips.” (Source)

Notice the baby.  Notice what’s happening.  Notice yourself.  And, GIVE SOME LOVE.  Don’t just cram yourself in front of the TV with some snacks.

Or, do.


How’s that working out?! 


Mindfulness.  Then the mind can shift.  To a more spacious space.  And, your tummy can feel just right.

Maybe… 😉



7 Feb

In Sanskrit there is a term called “Sadhana” which is refers to the transformative or transcendent ‘accomplishment’ of  something (usually an internal shift) through disciplined practices and introspection.  Or, in English, this is the word for Oprah’s “Ahh” moment.

Those things we know… that one day ‘hit’ us and change our lives for the brighter.


See, the thing about Sadhana is we all know it.  Our brightest self.  It is inside of us.  And, sometimes, we are even practicing it

Go with me for a second…

I was reminded of this innate truth when I was talking with a friend recently.  You already know that we are CONSTANTLY changing.  Righting.  Getting better.  We are constantly ‘practicing’ too.  That whole human-life-kindness thing.

At least we can (dare-I-say-should) be!

It’s just sometimes we forget that we do do it.  Get smarter.  The ritual of growing up.

But, that’s also the “Ahh” Sadhana.  Even if it comes soaked in tears, the growth is the fact that we cry instead of…  The fact that we write a letter instead of…  The fact that we breathe.

Or, catch our breath.

And, do it again.

The ritual is life.  And, the transformation is not always self-evident.  Sometimes we transcend by negation.  I am not ‘there’ anymore.  I can acknowledge that ‘that thing’ is happening and choose to dedicate my energies elsewhere.  I can recognize that it is not about me

That’s the WONDERFUL thing I was reminded of– the practice of CHOICE and the Sadhana that comes with the realization that you’ve made one.  What a beautiful thing.  Honor yourself.

Honor beyond.

Whether your ritual is a yoga mat or a cup of tea, prayer or a piece of paper, you can grow beyond yourself as you come to know yourself.  You’ve got your OWN “Ahh”.

Maybe just get down with growing into YOU?!