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23 Dec

Or, ‘rules of thumb.’

These are things that make life seem manageable.  We make ‘rules’ about our universe, our reality, our life and then we live accordingly.  In control…

Door- knob- twist- push- OPEN.

Sometimes, the rules have a point.

But, sometimes…  We forget there is more.  Experience.  See here’s the problem…

We can also get into a room through a window.

Too often it seems that our ‘rules’ become parameters and then walls.  Preemptively, we decide who people are (without knowing them!) or what we can do (without trying right now!).  Besides experiencing this in my own life – I love (ha!) being processed through the lens of relationships past 😉 – I read published evidence that this does not make us content!!!

Remember, heuristics are just rules of thumb.  They are not rules.  Most rules may in effect be daft.  Because rules close us in and frame a reality that by definition is limited.

Sure.  We need to open doors.  But stay open too…

 Because there are often windows.

Or, no rooms at all… 😉


Your brain is made of…

13 Dec


Yes.  Your body too for that matter.  And, although this is seemingly obvious, now it has been published so maybe we will start to take it in…

What we eat becomes us.  Our bones.  Our skin.  Our heart.  So why not make it good?

A policy even…

(Hint hint USDA… :P)

When we nourish ourselves we feel better.  This I KNOW to be true.  (Thank me that my Splenda days are over!)  And, nourishment comes in many forms.  FriendshipsYoga.  A hot steaming bowl of this (organic please) chicken because NOBODY-GETS-ALLERGIES-IN-WINTER-BAHHHH!!! soup.  Yum.

  Nourishment matters.

Now, we have health advocates and professionals writing about it.  What I like the most about the brain food reminder is that ‘skinniness’ and healthy vitality are DECOUPLED.  Um- thank you!  We want need yummy nutrients.  AND, they make our noggins happy :P!

Happy heads lead to joyful, jubilant, ENERGIZED bodies…

In all seriousness, this mind-body stuff matters.  Try it.  Feed your mind and then enjoy what your body can do.  Following:  “if you’re eating the typical American diet, you don’t feel much like exercising. Fill your plate with kale and wild-caught salmon and you’re bound to feel better — and ready to tackle the treadmill”  (Source).  Or, the yoga mat :).

Why would anyone keep starving their brain on corn…

Hint hint– USDA!!!