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20 Jan

IS happening…

(NYC, Yoga Skool, Ice Theatre?!, ____ ;), ED Advocacy, Seattle, BUSINESS TIME!!!)

It’s RAD.  And, balls-out scary.

I guess that means I care.

Instead of ‘posting’, I decided I’d try asking:

How do you say GOODbye?

When it really is so good!!  And, it has been..


Yoga Paradox

16 Dec

When I was young(er) I loved the word PARADOX.  I remember how my english teacher explained it to me:  ‘Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink…’.  I thought:  I guess that could be true…  The dead sea?

I was a literal child :P.

Now, I’m older.  Questionably wiser?  And, paradox abounds.


I talked to — the kindest! — M. and he wants to give his landlord a hard(er) time as he goes to purchase a home.  All because of drafty windows and a moldy wall…  M. that knows mold is only good in cheese.  Hmpf!.

I guess it’s still true– the negative is always easier.  And, that’s not even a paradox really.  That’s our nature.

Still, moldy walls aside, (and FYI- turns out that sweet M. is reasonable and listen to yours truly :P) THIS PARADOX really got to me.

Yoga vs. Yoga

Yup.  You read that right…

Yoga guru Bikram Choudhury is suingYoga to the People” (Greg Gumucio) for copyright infringement!!!!

Now, obviously it is a bit more complicated than that.  (And, not in a ‘dueling banjos poses’ kind-of-way…).  For better or worse, some yoga has become BIG business.  And, when you hear business– in our current cultural milieu– lawsuit tends to be an inevitable echo.  But a yoga lawsuit.  Over pose / style infringement?  Really?!!

Now, I could understand if someone got hurt.  Violated.  Felt misunderstood or belittled.

(Wait.  Is that what is going on Mr. Choudhury?)

But owning sequencing and dialogue?  ‘Shit happens’ ;).  And, when did we forget that imitation is flattering?  How many millions of dollars did it take wipe out our memory?  Or, are we just dehydrated and needing some love?

Still, I guess I get it.  My ‘high-school’ reference point called figure skating is a good reminder.  Sometimes it stinks not to feel unique.  Or, to feel duped and betrayed…

And, now we’ve come to the juicy part!  When presented with a paradox (or just a crappy reality), how about a little innovation?  As ice-dancers, we didn’t move forward by fighting the obvious drones.  We did not get better by calling out the Igor-repeaters. (Do you think that will stick?)  We tried something new…

(Yes-all of us.  ;))

The point- in metaphor:  When there is water everywhere and I’m still thirsty, perhaps I should milk a coconut.

(And, yes.  I know someone already though of that one…)

In life, things do not get better because we shake our fist and fight to keep them the same.  They get better because we change.  Because we stop fighting the paradoxes and MOVE FORWARD.  And, last time I checked, that’s what yoga was about!

My Yoga Paradox:  tying yourself in knots, smiling, breaking free and changing your day life.

No lawsuit required!