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You eat WHAT?!

12 Mar

Warning:  RANT ahead

Okay friends…  I tried to avoid this.  I tried to witness it.  I tried to be compassionate.  (I still am!).  Then, I remembered, I have something to offer too.  And, the right responsibility to offer it.  As a humane being…

I challenged people (and myself) recently to be conscious of there ‘food talk’, in conjunction with National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

How’d you do?

I thought that this was a lovely way to (sidestep?) the address the prejudice and judgment imbued in chatter around food choices.


SERIOUSLY.  You just had an opinion about an ecard didn’t you?!

How is this okay?!!!  Food is food.  It is an individual(‘s) choice.  And, it should be judgment free.

Can we market that alongside all the other ‘frees’ please!? 😛

In time, as one connects with one’s body, the body will have an opinion!  Trust me.

Then YOU– yes YOU get to make a choice.  You can choose how YOU fuel your LIVING body.  It’s your choice!  (Not mine.  Not hers.  Not a magazines…)  Frankly, I shouldn’t have a say.  And, if you are confused or struggling, there are professionals for that.  And, of course, there is YOU :)!

Make the NEXT right choice.

What gets worse though, is how quick we are to forget that some people do not even get to have a choice.  Hunger is real.  So is disorder and disease.  So are food stamps and government subsides.  I often hear (and don’t speak up enough!) people laugh and mock processed meat products and supplements, but for MANY this is dinner.  And meals give life.

Grace comes in many forms…

Nourishment is necessary.  Even if we, holistically as a society CAN do better.  I know this to be true.  I worked for a program called Upward Bound designed to academically mentor kids from rural and low-income communities assisting them in becoming first-generation college graduates.  School lunches were the only fuel some of our students got.  Food is a blessing.  Even if it’s canned…

Or colored! 😛

Of course, there is room for improvement though.  But not by mocking or judging each others’ food habits.  We can contribute to a nourishing dialogue.  We can become educated.  We can know policies.  We can support farms and food-banks.  We can STOP the blind prescribing.  We can lobby for school lunches to change.  We can listen.

We can recognize the luxury of our choices and offer compassion for people who are in different situations.

We can lighten up :).

One last ‘offering’:  There are also incredible people who struggle with how to feed themselves regularly.  It might not be based on an economic reality but it certainly IS real.  When you suffer from disordered eating (or a diet…), food is far from a delight.  And, when it is, the undercurrent of ‘delight’ usually has a ROUGH undertow.

When I was working at IOP I once asked our staff nutritionist why the food recommendations and nutritional guidance were (in my mind) so scantily ‘nourishing’.  The answer:  safety.  The nutritionists worked with what they could.  Including supplements.  To bring life back.

Simply, eating any dinner IS a victory.  For SO many.  Processed or otherwise.

 With grace… 


Food for Thought- REDUX

7 Mar

Remember this?  <—- Clicky!  My plan to be a little more conscious of how I spoke about nourishment during national eating disorder awareness week?  Well, like my nanny says, it was interesting.

Food really is the new weather-talk.  It seems it’s what we talk about when we don’t know what to say…?  Or, maybe we are really THAT disconnected with our own needs that it’s our search for a way.  In to us?  To realize what?

Or, maybe we are just hungry.

For so much…

I really tried to hold myself accountable to the ‘no food-talk’ plan.  How did I do?  Honesty– that’s interesting ;).

See the thing is I found it almost impossible to NOT answer the commentary around food.  (Not if you do not want to seem like a jack*ss!)  Food, it seems, commonly fuels our conversations.

I’ll have what she’s having… 😛

For me it went like this:  avoidance, quiet doe eyed look (my efforts to appear less rude), limited surrender…

What’s a girl to do when relating happens at meals?!

I should have spoken out more.

Thankfully, my lovely gal C. brightened my thoughts and put it in perspective via this Dinosaur Comic:

Still, we can nourish more