Food for Thought- REDUX

7 Mar

Remember this?  <—- Clicky!  My plan to be a little more conscious of how I spoke about nourishment during national eating disorder awareness week?  Well, like my nanny says, it was interesting.

Food really is the new weather-talk.  It seems it’s what we talk about when we don’t know what to say…?  Or, maybe we are really THAT disconnected with our own needs that it’s our search for a way.  In to us?  To realize what?

Or, maybe we are just hungry.

For so much…

I really tried to hold myself accountable to the ‘no food-talk’ plan.  How did I do?  Honesty– that’s interesting ;).

See the thing is I found it almost impossible to NOT answer the commentary around food.  (Not if you do not want to seem like a jack*ss!)  Food, it seems, commonly fuels our conversations.

I’ll have what she’s having… 😛

For me it went like this:  avoidance, quiet doe eyed look (my efforts to appear less rude), limited surrender…

What’s a girl to do when relating happens at meals?!

I should have spoken out more.

Thankfully, my lovely gal C. brightened my thoughts and put it in perspective via this Dinosaur Comic:

Still, we can nourish more

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