I signed a lease…

20 Feb

For my yoga studio.  It seems like a b-f-d.  BIG f*cking deal.  But, maybe it’s  not.  Maybe it’s believing.  Or, trying something new(ish).

Because really, what’s my alternative?

Still, because it feels like a B-F-D, I decided I should honor that feeling.  Recognize it.  And, do myself a little service.

And, since that is still a practice for me, I’m writing about it for a future unconditionally loved me.  Or, a future me spawn (which, if you know me, is kind of a joke…  I think I’m more of the rad Auntie.).  Either way, I’m writing to something I accept TOTALLY with full love.


I know that you are scared.  I know that you are confused.  WONDERFUL.  You are trying.  I’m proud.  Now, here’s some honest truth.  You will mess up.  You will misstep.  You will hurt people’s feelings– ego really.  You may even hurt your own.  Try your very best not to, darling.  But, when this invariably happens- to you or another- try your very best to make it better.  Forgiveness matters.

Remember, most everyone is doing their very best.  But many of us are fighting.  Do not be an adversary.  Instead, open your arms to us.  Or, better still, open your heart.

Do not get caught up in numbers or silly metrics.  The only number that really matters is hearts touched, voices heard, or spirits lifted.  Let the other stuff work itself out.  Trust that it will.  In the way that it should…

Keep asking and REMEMBER– listen to what you hear.  Other voices are just as important as your own.  Often, more so.  Listen to yourself too, darling.  You know things.

Even though you know things, remember that you do not know everything.  And, things change.  Stay open enough to let this happen.  Do not get rooted in a rule, ideal, or narrative.  You are strong enough to grow.

Give thanks.  Everyday.  We are all connected.  Even the people who make you feel itchy or break you wide open.

And, when in doubt, come from love.  Come from you…


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