Discernment – Viveka

13 Feb

Sometimes a little discrimination can be a good thing…

Truth:  There is ALOT of information out there.  What to wear.  What to eat.  How to think.  Who to be.


Right? …  WRONG.

And, if you are like me, you kind of want it to be pre-routed.  Simple.  I mean there is SO much knowledge out there!

But, the information is not the problem.  We just have to parse it.  Participate with it.  Discern.

We DO have a choice.

In Sanskrit, the ability to discern and discriminate is called viveka.  Through viveka one can learn the ‘real’ from the ‘unreal’, the permanent from the temporary, and what is essential.

It’s a practice…

It’s a conscious choice.

My viveka:  I’ve made a bunch of ‘bad’ (growth promoting?) choices in my life.  How to nourish myself.  How to react.  Where to work.  Who to trust with my body.  Who to trust with my heart.

And then, there are times when it seems like choices are petty coins.  They get jangly or cast aside.  We might find them dull and daft.  Some choices might even feel worthless.  Or go unnoticed.


We need choice.  Choices are our currency.  Choices our are agency.  And, when you notice your choices you’ve got viveka.  Collect enough, then you get REAL value:  self-love; self-LOVE masked as discernment and ‘having an opinion.’

The good thing about discernment is it is always an option.  We can always make a choice that aligns with our OWN nature.   And, we get to keep trying to learn what that is.  Viveka.  I worked with a nutritionist who used to say:  “always make the next right choice.”  Pollyanna-ness aside, he had a point.  We get to choose.  Learn.  Self-Discriminate.  Always.

Except we often don’t :(.

We let life go.  And go.  And go.  We stay with things or in patterns that we know.

Failing to admit that these patterns are also a choice.

How’s that been working out for you?

Maybe, make the next right choice?  I’m just saying…

Viveka.  Discernment.  Knowing what you need.  And, being a little bit discriminating about it. 😉

You.  Choose.


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