Roofing Wisdom

1 Feb

Q:  When is the best time to fix a leaky roof?

A:  On a SUNNY day.

Now, I do not know if this is in fact actually true but it makes sense.  Barring Ben Franklin, no one wants to be out in the storm.  Better though, the metaphor is an apt one.

We need to learn to ‘fix’ problems before our walls cave in on us.

A yoga teacher reminded me of this and I was like OF COURSE.  And, then the reality comes in…

We do not like to deal with things until we have to.  Maybe we think they’ll go away?  (HINT:  They never really go away…)  And, then when we finally do do something it’s because our ‘things’ have become BIG capital “P” problems.  And, we have no other choice but to (re)act…

Of course we’ll fix a flooded kitchen.  But we will also just put a pot under a ceiling drip and continue on with our day.  Simply, we’ll ignore our little aches and slights until we REALLY feel them.  Because the shit hits the fan.


But, it does not have to be this way.  A leak can be fixed.  A sore ankle rested.

What if we took action and care before things became “P”roblems? 

I’m just saying…

Notice it.  Nurture it.  NOW.

Feel Better 🙂

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