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28 Feb

If your day seems like you are on one.  If you feel like you are caught moving and not going.  If you are caught repeating motions without noticing change.

Here is my FAVORITE reminder that we do not have to become stuck or stagnant:

Whether on a literal treadmill or one of your own making.

Move your mind!  🙂




27 Feb

In yoga, you’ll often hear talk about the ‘edge’.  The edge the point where any more feels like too much.  It’s also the point where YOU breakthrough.  Your bullshit.  Your limited way of seeing things.

The edge is the place where you say:  ‘maybe (not again)‘ or ‘it’s not always so…

The edge is where you start to see CHOICE(s).

And, maybe take some accountability for the ones that brought you to the edge in the first place.  Just saying… 😛

Choice opens up the potential for a different reality.  I heard an AMAZING teacher describe it like this:

‘A mosquito does not know it is biting a human; a mosquito just sees food.  Humans on the other hand are different, they can consciously see the where they bite.  Or, at least acknowledge that they do.  Then, us humans have to make a CHOICE.  To open up.  And, to acknowledge that we might not even know our impact.   Or, ultimately, our reality.  So why limited it with narrow literal choices?  Me me PROOF me me.  Allow for a maybe…  And, some trust.’

I guess my work is on this too.  I’ve not seen a hippopotamus (lately) but I know that they exist.  Even when I feel detached from my hopes, my strength, myself–  I KNOW IT’S THERE.  It’s not proof I need, it’s faith.

You become willing to breakthrough your bullshit for something…

Because seriously, what are the other options?


In all honesty, you’ve probably tried that too…

And, THAT’S OKAY.  We are humans– not mosquitos– which means we have the consciousness to make a choice.  Breakthrough.  And, keep going!

Maybe… 😉