“Nothing Happens…

30 Jan

Until Something Moves.”

Yup.  In the most ironic, winky, f-ed up, synchronicity kind of way that quote was my ice-breaker introduction at yoga school.



Jamie basically lost her stuff in front of a room full of 20 hipster NYC yoga ‘friends.’ 


In my defense humanity, let me road-map the day week leading up to said quote for you.  What I’ve done recently (and I don’t recommend this full-tilt approach…):

– Teach my last ‘official’ classes at my home yoga studios.  I love Mighty Bird! ;).  And, my last skating lessons for a while in Ithaca.

– Train 3 different people to take over various management, supervising, and support positions I was (yikes!) happily employed in.

Sidenote:  Enjoyment does not mean that things can’t and should not be challenged to grow.

– Introduce / dialogue with the new yoga therapist at IOP and transition her into the program.

– Say ‘be well’, love you, trust what’s already there to my girls…

Yes.  I’m listening too. 😛

– Pack up my house in BOXES with a lot of help from my friends.  Ship / store said boxes.

– Give up my apartment. 😦

Goodbyes.  This oxymoronic word is quite the lie.  Goodbyes just kinda suck.  (And, that’s how they should go.  I’ve loved and I know how special my relationships are.)  Even though everyone is still with me.  Just not physically…

Which brings me to NOW:

I am pseduo-jobless, living at my friends in NYC, crying at a yoga training.  Yeah.

I’m kinda a badass?

EXCEPT:  Nothing happens until something moves.  And, that’s exactly what I’ve done.  Moved on.  Stepped it up.

I can’t wait to tell you about what is happening.

It’s pretty freaking rad!!!


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