I want…

13 Jan

To be a cool old person.  Confident.  Content.  Unabashedly reading signs out-loud and calling everyone “love.”

I want to embrace my saggy hiney and laugh with my beloved at fashion or “those young people.”

I want to have lived.

So, I’m trying to doing it…

But not by our society’s metric.

Don’t worry.  I tried that too.

It’s NYC and then WA for business time.  I know.  I know!!!  I’m being super-sketchy but I promise I’ll make the big reveal soon…

For now, let me just say it involves yoga and smiles.  Hopefully big *grinning* ones!  Like the one that graced your face when you clicked that link in the last paragraph…  Oh.  You didn’t?!!  Well do it! 😛

That’s also why I (currently) love it when I find the retrospective articles on well-lived lives.  (The data out of this one comes from Cornell ;). )  Our ‘wisers’ note that:  “Although it can take a while to land that ideal job, you should not give up looking for one that makes you happy.

Wait.  Work can and ‘should’ be enjoyable?!  Sweet.  I guess the grindstone is so 1990s.  Like grunge.  And, stone-wash.  I can be down with that…

Also noteworthy, “a positive attitude depends on thinking small: the morning cup of coffee, a warm bed on a winter night, a brightly colored bird feeding on the lawn, an unexpected letter from a friend, even a favorite song on the radio” (Source).  Or, a favorite youtube for the young-folk ;).  Hehe.

It sounds so delightful.  Simple.  Real.

Still, I RANT over youtube.  I know that simple does not mean easy.  I guess I’m still touched with youthful vigor– a.k.a. ‘take it easy girl.’  This too will get better.

Or, maybe it boils down to this:  We can only gain perspective once we survive all of our ‘big deals.’  And, realize that none of them were in fact that.  They were just things that we made a deal about.  Whoa!  Then, we can grin and recognize we have lived.  Hopefully, we have a giggle at ourselves.

And, our saggy ass :P.

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