Recognize the Good

6 Jan

I’m thinking this might be my new thing…

Most of us stuck at this.

Sh*t.  I’ve messed up already!!

Double sh*t ;).

See, here’s the thing, most of us know what we are doing ‘wrong’.  Where we need ‘work’.  (HINT:  You may not.  You might just need compassion.  Or, different people…)  Resolutions and all that bollocks….

But, what if this year, instead, you recognized what you did good?  What if you acknowledged what you do do?  (Hehe.  Smiling is fun!)  What if you gave yourself credit instead of a hard time?

I’m just saying.  Credit.  It doesn’t have to be something for companies or bills.  You deserve some too.  We all do.

We all get enough fight in our lives from circumstance.  And, reality tv.

(Aside:  Can someone explain to me what ‘throwing under the bus means?!…’)

Why fight yourself?

Chances are for all you ‘should’ (LAME!) do differently, you are doing a lot well.  Great even.

Recognize your good.  Now.

It matters…


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