He Brought Light

3 Jan

The man who does maintenance and things of that nature…

Humor me, but this, REALLY JAMIE ?!!! story is too good not to share.  Sometimes life is amazing.  You just have to take the skeptic off and be open to it.

True story.  A man came into my work last week to change a light.  The light did not need to be changed.  Whoops.  But, this sweet, dusty, weary man said we needed to meet.  Um?…

Then, he kept talking.

Turns out this storm-worn, kind man had something to say.

He told me “excuse me for saying this but I can’t look into your eyes anymore.”  (I guess those online hypnosis classes are working! 😉 ).  He said “a man could get lost.”  Does this stuff work?!  Then he got real.

This unique survivor told me that behind my gentle, kind eyes there was sadness.  (There is.  In a lived life there usually is…)  I told him I had had a hard year.  Necessary and hard.  Pain is ‘your breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding’ and the like…

(Or, relationships and family and ‘adulthood’ – Ha!)

And, then this light man told me this amazing thing– something we can ALL maintain.  No light-bulb :P.

He said this:

“When people say ‘I love you’ they are really saying:  ‘I love me’.  You can love yourself anytime.”

So how about a little love?



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