Belief Systems

2 Jan

Welcome to the NEW YEAR!  Let it be a good one.  Full of light.  Love.  YOU clearly.

And, maybe, this is the year we can just lighten up? 😛

Reminder:  What happens to you might not always be up to you, but how you think  about it is.

On that note, now may be a good time to check in with your beliefs…  Or, more technically, belief systems:  your unique set of beliefs about reality that when strung together comprise your worldview; this system, in practice, directly effects in how you engage with your experiences — your life!!!

Here’s where it gets interesting…  Every belief system is unique.  Even though we can all watch the same movie — look at the same art — feel the ‘same’ embrace —  we experience everything differently.  Even ‘normalized’ (HA!) concepts — love, marriage, health, happiness, a good meal 😉 — vary GREATLY between people because our lens of belief shapes our understanding of our reality.   And, most of us have been living (and limiting ourselves) unconsciously through our belief systems from a very young age.

To begin to unpack our belief systems, we should acknowledge that each of our beliefs are typically grounded and grown from these five conditions:

  1. Evidence
  2. Tradition
  3. Authority
  4. Association
  5. Revelation

Sometimes this cultivation of a new belief is conscious — like learning something at school, but sometimes we may not in fact know why (at least not yet!) we believe because we ‘always have’.  People from there are like that– Um why?!  Yeah.  Thought so…

So, in toto, as you go into 2012, check in with your beliefs.

Happy 2012!  Believe It 😛


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