Sweat Equity

19 Dec

Used to mean effort for value.  Labor for lots.  Or something like that.  I’m paraphrasing…


Essentially, with sweat equity you could put yourself– your time– your heart in… to get something that mattered to you back out.  Your contribution was your effort.  Yourself really…


Some clever NYCers are re-defining (re-appropriating?) sweat equity, by mixing business time with fitness time.  At least that’s what the NYtimes tells me

Obviously, this is a bit of a joke.  (Is it?)   Of course, real bona-fide sweat equity still exists in its most beautiful forms.  But now you can (I kid-you-not) “sweatwork” (sweat + network) too!

To quote:

“People love it if they can get in a workout and check networking off the list at the same time…

(The only thing missing is a delightful poop!)

Spinning classes, in particular, are popular among the sweatworking set, partly because they offer a low-barrier adrenaline rush. Classes follow a simple structure and because each bike can be individually adjusted, it’s easy to save face.”  (Source; emphasis mine)

(I’m glad because you would not want to be present to your health or your job or your ‘me time’ or anything…)

Now, my (BAD Jamie!) snarkiness aside, this idea is not wholly a daft one.  People are taking care of themselves.  That’s pretty sweet.  And, taking care matters.  No matter what you call it.

AND, I believe the sweatworkers have even made a tag-line for you:

“You make better decisions after spinning than you would after drinking”

That’s equity you can bank on!  😛

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