12 Dec

Means you don’t get away with anything.

At least in the simple movie tag-line kind of way.  In the ‘I stubbed my toe because I didn’t call my friend back’ kind of way.  Or, ‘my back hurts because of one too many holiday party cocktails…’

(That might be one of mine.  And, basic liver function :P.)

And, fundamentally, some of this ‘karmic causality’- if you will- may be true.  Our past behaviors usually inform our present reality.  How we’ve been treating ourselves and others (or how we have in the past) definitely affects our life.

Sometimes it might seem like our past is unescapable even once we’ve healed it.

(Hello google!  And, ‘the cloud’?!!… 😦 )

But, it’s not all effect.  Karma has AGENCY too.  Some of us yoga-folk call it intention.

I heard read it best put like this:

Consider a man dying by knife.

(Um.  Considerably crappy?)

Now, let’s talk about the how

Consider that a man died by the knife of a surgeon, after that surgeon spent five hours doing everything he could to try to save this man’s life.  Is the surgeon’s karma damaged?  I think it’s safe to say — probably not.  The surgeon had positive intention.   The surgeon worked hard to say a life.  That sounds like beautiful karma.

Consider next that that man died by the knife of a robber.  In a heist.  Now, we have the same reality.  Death.  But the intention behind it is completely different.  In this sad case, there is much suffering.  For both parties.

Intention matters.

Now, hopefully, none of us are wielding knives today.  (Unless you’re saving lives or making me food :P.)  But, each and every one of us is interacting.  Everyday.  So, my question is:  How?  Why?  For whom?

When you share your smile or your hand what intention is behind it?

Karma means: 

It can ALL be good. 

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