Key to a :) Partner

9 Dec

Apparently, it is not what you think it is…

Boom Chicky!

Okay.  So maybe happy couple-hood is not actually made in grammar.  (Although that would be funny :P).  You me we me us. 

Nope.  Findings are telling us that happy couple-hood is made in the act of GIVING.  Small kindnesses.  Morning coffees.  Hugs.  Your ear.

(I wonder if this works in skating too?  Friendships?)

Tara Parker-Pope reports in the NYTimes that generosity is one of the top predictors of a happy marriage.  And, “children with more-engaged parents are more likely to be generous toward others, which may bode well for their future relationships — and their parents’ too.”  It’s a chicken-egg it-doesn’t-really-matter-because-it’s-ALL-GOOD type of problem solution.

Now, maybe you are not really on the marriage track.  (Me neither.  And, DON’T get me started on my baby rant.  Yay life- but ouch!!!!)  Still, I think we can all learn something from this…

Especially at this time of year.

Give a little.  Of yourself!

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