Rockin’ Yoga

6 Dec

* DJ NOW included 😛

Yup.  They got me a live DJ for my Rockin’ Flow at Mighty Yoga!  It’s kinda amaze-balls.  (Technical yoga term.)  In fact, if I wasn’t teaching, I’d definitely be going.  And, flowing…

Are YOU coming?!!

More info:

DJ HyFi Joins Jamie’s Rockin’ Flow

Ian Hyman, a.k.a. DJ HyFi, will be joining Jamie’s (that’s me! 🙂 ) Rockin’ Flow class next Tuesday, December 6th at 7:30pm. He will be taking us on a journey across a sonic landscape of groovin’ beats and lush atmospherics. In his mixes, DJ HyFi focuses on creating soundscapes that infuse yoga practice with a dose of ecstatic bliss and carry practitioners to a deeper place as they ride the sonic wave.

Sounds pretty rad huh?!  Now, I just need to think of something to say…

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