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Sometimes Competition…

26 Dec


Turns out I like football… 😛



23 Dec

Or, ‘rules of thumb.’

These are things that make life seem manageable.  We make ‘rules’ about our universe, our reality, our life and then we live accordingly.  In control…

Door- knob- twist- push- OPEN.

Sometimes, the rules have a point.

But, sometimes…  We forget there is more.  Experience.  See here’s the problem…

We can also get into a room through a window.

Too often it seems that our ‘rules’ become parameters and then walls.  Preemptively, we decide who people are (without knowing them!) or what we can do (without trying right now!).  Besides experiencing this in my own life – I love (ha!) being processed through the lens of relationships past 😉 – I read published evidence that this does not make us content!!!

Remember, heuristics are just rules of thumb.  They are not rules.  Most rules may in effect be daft.  Because rules close us in and frame a reality that by definition is limited.

Sure.  We need to open doors.  But stay open too…

 Because there are often windows.

Or, no rooms at all… 😉