Daft Logic

28 Nov

Exercise does not equal eating.  And, that is some BULLSHIT I do not want to hear.

Especially on Thanksgiving.

I know!  I know!  Jamie needs to breathe…

Maybe it’s because I’ve done this math before.  The how long must I do before I can (?!!!) consume nourishment faulty, INSANE, UNHEALTHY, load-of-crap, WRONG equations before.  Maybe it’s because I believed the math was true.

(Truth:  This math is NEVER true!)

Maybe it’s because I made my mother drive me to the rink gym on my day off so that I could elliptical to nowhere before I ate my meager lunch meal of the day.


I do NOT want to hear about a yoga pose exchange for your Thanksgiving meal.  I’m just saying.  How is this okay?  Gracious?  Nourishing?!!!

I practice yoga because it makes me feel good.  I practice yoga because it is an affirmation of my body and that it is alive and transforming.  I practice yoga because it nourishes me.

Guess what…

  Food does all of these things too!

I hope your Thanksgiving was YUMMY and nourishing.  And, when you exercise, I hope that you find it to be delicious too.  In SPITE, of whatever you eat.  That’s my kind of logic!

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