Bucket List

21 Nov

You know it’s that list of secret outlandish dreams and things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’.

(In that very natural, content, exhale, ride off into the sunset kind of way…)

Well, I figured I should make start mine.  And, then I can cross it off!  Way before I start kicking… 😛

In my bucket:

Fall in love

Open a Yoga Studio

Give away a large sum of money

Have a beautiful man regularly read to me (perhaps, the Twilight Books…)

(Yes.  I’m out on this one… Don’t judge!)

Learn how to drive stick shift.  For real this time…

Speak another language fluently

Milk a cow

Visit Greece.   Mmmm Greek yogurt!

(Sidenote:  Do they just call it yogurt?)

Write a Book – and get it published!

Learn how to ride a bike.  For real this time…

Give a stranger a bouquet of flowers

Go to a gay pride event

Start a round of applause in a public place

Make homemade pasta (to go with this…)

Officiate a wedding


(Sidenote:  It would be rad if those two could happen at the same time…  Just saying :P)

Open a Bed & Breakfast

Study Ayurveda and more nutrition

Live in Paris


Watch a sunrise with a beloved

(I was told this is called ‘camping’- hehe 😉 )


Have a garden with food and flowers


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