Have a really SHORT…

17 Nov


And, ewww!!! 😛

For real.  It matters.  Otherwise you get stuck.  You have trouble moving forward.  Regret.  Revenge.  Re-do.

What if you could skip all that?!

Now, don’t get me wrong, this idea is hard.  But, it’s worth it.  Most good stuff is.  (I’m talking to you– my favorite Bolognese!)

The ‘short memory’ came up again when I was at the rink with one of my FAVORITE students.  Okay.  I actually love them all!  He’s getting ready for a big competition and he likes to do the thing where when you mess one thing up then you throw everything away

Sound familiar?!!!

Yeah.  See the thing of this is… it’s not about a skating program (HINT:  It never is.)  it’s about how we think.

Remember this. <—- CLICKY.  Well, our brain wants, or at least is encoded, to dwell on the negative.  (Breathe.  This is just the data…)  For every negative thing we hear we need 5 positive things to off-set the neural response.  (And, if you’re in my head that latter number probably needs to be increased by a factor of 5…  Sigh.  Yay!  Russian coaches ;). )  And, negativity creates a vicious cycle.  What we water grows.  Except this time, the balance is not in our favor…


It can be.

Or, at least we can work with it!  It’s called SHORT MEMORY.  Or, more accurately:

being present.

When my student is thinking about what happened, he makes mistakes on what is happening.  And then he makes another mistake.  Now, we’ve started to nourish a vicious cycle.  What if he just forgot?

What if YOU just forgot?

That extra doughnut.  That remark.  Your anger…


Yeah.  Me too!

Being forgetful is kinda rad :P.

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