9 Nov

Warning:  I’ve got another yoga story for you :P.

There is a tale about a boy and his father walking through a mountain trail.  The boy trips and stubs his toe and yells:  “Ouch!”

He hears:  “Ouch!”

The boy gives his father a questioning glance.  His father’s eyes begin to twinkle and he laughs.

They hear laughter.

The boy begins to shout out things to the air.  “Boo!”  “Hey Stud!”  “Mooooor!”

Each time they hear back a mirrored answer.

Then, the boy shouts:  “Echo!”


The father halts the journey and addresses his son.  He has a point to make.

(as fathers often do… :P)

The point:

The ‘echo’ is in nature.  It is our nature.  And, nature– LIFE  just reflects what we put out.  What we put out we get back.  Laughter.  Joy.  Friendship.  Care.

Our life gives back what we give to it.

But you have to show up.  Arrive.  Live. — and then ‘ECHO’

I taught this story in yoga the other day and my echo was lots of lovely gratitude especially from the boys :P.

(Maybe it’s a father / mountain thing.  Or, the fact I play Eminem in class!)

What’s your echo? 

Is that what you want to get back?

You can always take a stance.  Show up.  Arrive.


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