Gut Feelings

4 Nov

It’s not just female intuition anymore…

Did you know that your nervous system originated in your gut?  Yes.  And, in addition to their riding solo capabilities our bellies, intestines, bowels, stomachs — overall ‘guts’ if you will — have a direct connection to our brain.  In addition to digestion and assimilation (which can be performed independently), our guts serve as manufacturers and postmen (sometimes begrudged 😦 ) of many neurotransmitters like serotonin (hello happy!) and friends.  And, new research is proving that our gut has a mind of its own…

To quote from an exerted article in Psychology Today (pick up the December 2011 issue for the full one!  It’s worth it :)):

“[The Gut] also sends signals north to the brain that directly affect feelings of sadness or stress, even influence memory, learning, and decision-making. It relies on, and in many cases manufactures, more than 30 neurotransmitters, including serotonin, that are identical to those in the brain. What’s more, tinkering with the second brain in our gut has lately been shown to be a potent tool for achieving relief from major depression.”

I fix my belly and my mind feels better?!!!.  Rad.  Hello yogurt :)! Goodbye anxiety…

I had a nutrition professor once that said:  “You are a donut.”  Basically, he was right.  We are donuts.  A bunch of delicious outer stuff (– Do you have sprinkles too?! ;P ) with a BIG important hole.  Our gut.

Your gut is one hole that matters.

Take care of your belly.  Take care of your life!

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