Moldable Brain

1 Nov

And, morphing addictions!

At least that’s what the scientists are PROVING.  They take a rat and prime it towards a hedonistic (and often detrimental vice) and then reinforce the vice.  Here’s the rub…

Before too long, the scientists do not have to prime the behavior or promote the vice.  The rats want it.  Enter addiction.

Exercise.  Drugs.  Food.  Sex.  Scientists have watched channels in a rat’s brain change to crave and conquest these (too often mal-abused) ‘pleasures’.   Our brains are malable which means– what we want, desire, need is sculptable too.

Whoa.  But what if it’s not all bad?

Nicholas Kristof notes in his NYTimes article “Addicted to Exercise?” that our brains can be primed for good things too.  Some people naturally derived pleasure from generosity and contributions to charity.  (PS- Has anyone seen “House M.D” recently?! :P)  Following, our brains like to do good!

Kristof explains:  “[O]ur brains impel us not only toward vices, but also toward virtues. In recent years, researchers have found that generosity isn’t always a sacrifice; instead, it often exhilarates us. ”

Do something generous today and feel good!

Your brain (and the world!) will thank you :).

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