You get to pick

27 Oct

How you react to ALL that crazy, silly, out-of-line life stuff around you.

It turns out:

The picking matters.

Now, in the not so sweetly gross way, a (true!) story.

We don’t get to pick when life socks us.  Or, by what.  Who even.  BUT.  We do get to pick how we respond.  How we get involved.  And, what types of thoughts really serve us.  The rest we can pick to discard.  Like those insects 😛

One thing I noticed remembered at Ice Theatre is that people like to talk.  Or, more specifically people like to talk about other people.  Like yours truly.  Sometimes people even like to talk about yours truly to her people.  Yeah.  Whoops?!!!

So what happens when one of those people feels urged to comment about yours truly and her family?  When one picks to make false, hurtful character judgments about private details that they know nothing about?

(Yours truly reminds herself how much gossip sucks and recommits to be conscious of her words…  That happens.)

How about breath.  How about picking.  How about a whole lot of nothing.

Sometime the best reaction is no reaction.

Yup.  Kindness and courtesy.  With a side of thought mediation.

Because it’s  not really about yours truly anyway…

(Hint:  It is usually never about the target.)

We don’t get to pick what happens for people.  We don’t get to pick how they behave or what they may feel comfortable expressing.  Like toddlers, sometimes people just want to cry and yell and scream and throw cotton balls.  (I miss B.!!)


We do get to pick what we do.  Sure we can cry and yell back.  (I’m told this works great with children 😉 ) But, what if instead we pick not to!  What if we pick how we respond so that it serves us.  It’s possible.  It’s called choice.  It’s called:  you get to pick.

This time.  That time.  Every time.

Next time someone does something that feels like it affects your thoughts, relationships, brownies, contentment– life.  Pick.  Do you want it to?  What if it’s up to you?

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