18 Oct

Not really.  But me!

Boo Yah 🙂

Sure, I’ve got skating powers (and I get to use them this week!) but the thing I’m figuring out this week is we all have the power to (re)start finding our ground and our ability to be ourselves. 

No Disclaimers.

That’s some SUPER power.

Now, I have tons of NYC stuff to share.  Yoga, cupcakes and insights.  I have a hunch it’s going to get interesting…  But first I get to perform!  😛

And, on the subject of Ice Theatre MORE PICTURES!

Me and Michael–  He’s my treat buddy!!!  Today: A 1/2 LB chocolate chip cookie Yes.  You read that correctly.  😛

Supermen.  Really.  They are super!  And, I get to skate w/ them ALL…  Hehehe.  Yeah.

Life is good 🙂


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