Kind Alcohol?

10 Oct

Whaa?  That’s what Maureen Dowd claims yoga is in a recent NYTimes article.

(She also mentions that yoga started as a “sex cult” but that’s a different post…)

Well… Thinking of my yoga practice (in contrast to drinking?):

Do I feel open?                                    Check.         (Check)

Do I feel relaxed?                               Check.         (Hmmm…)

Do I feel like calling my ex?             Hmmm…   (Check)

Do I want to make poor choices?   NEVER        (Check)

Maybe Ms. Dowd is right.

See, the thing about yoga is it calls us on our shit.  If we are faking it- Yoga shows us where.  (Not these guns!!! :P)  Not eating or drinking appropriately?- Yoga can reveal that.  (Trust me.)  Caught in a comparative loop- Yoga will point that out.  (Do you really like competing with the person next to you?  Is that really how you want to live?  In your ‘me time’?!!)  Think that life is about accomplishments or ends- Welcome to 608 poses!  Yeah.

Yoga is some good stuff.

Kinda like that scotch I’ve developed a liking for :).

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