27 Sep

What happened to it?


When did being nice go out of style?

Can’t it be like black?  Or, ‘the new black?’

My neighbor says that being “a dick” is “hipster.”  Besides not being able to parse that sentence, I don’t get it.  It’s just not cool in my book.   Never will be.  But, I’ve never been cool.


And, it did not make sense to me why my friend A. and I were spoken to so abruptly while leaving the rink.  (It didn’t to her either.  Something about undergraduates and anxiety perhaps?…)  How about a little kindness?  Or, just good manners.  Even if you will not see me again.  It used to matter.  When we remembered that people are not disposable.

Maybe I live in a false narrative world but I like it.  My world comes with thank you cards, rides to the airport, phone calls, and KINDNESS.  It matters.

Seriously :).

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