People are great.

20 Sep

For real.  Sometimes they just get it.

YOU just get it.  Now, I know that life gets rough.  And, I know that once, twice, too many times you’ve been let down.  (Pause:  who dropped the ball there?…)  But, counterpoint and :)s never cease to amaze me.  We can do real, connected, nourishing, wide-awake things.  For each other.

What if we did not fight so hard to make our world small?

Maybe it is about knowing what you need.  Maybe it is about believing you deserve it.  People are great.  And, they do great things.  We all do great things.  And, we can do them for each other.


I love what I do.  I get to sit and watch people being great.  I get to learn.  Yesterday, I saw 7 BEAUTIFUL ladies share what they learned from a client.  Share about how good she is.  Because they could.

Here’s the crux:  This client is not ‘whole’ or ‘perfect’ or even ‘better’.  She’s in it.  She’s scared.

But, maybe that’s the point.  We are all in it.  We are all scared.  We are all never okay.  AND, we are all good.

At least we can be.  Be good.  To you.  Everything grows from there.

You can.


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