16 Sep

Has been solved.  Yay for computer nerds!  They may be my FAVORITE nerds :P.  And, here’s what I learned:  When everyone is tuned in, it’s a stalemate.  So, what do we learn by playing?

Now, you know I’m going make this a metaphor.  (STOP.  I can’t help help it.  It’s the creative yoga teacher – writer – JAMIE in me!)  What if checkers is like life?  The thing with checkers is it’s not that complex.  Slide.  Eat.  King Me.  The only ‘problem’ is possibility.  We get stuck on the possibilities.  Where should we slide?  Where should we hop?  And, we lose the joy by making it matter.

The nerds say it does not matter.  It’s all the same.

But us.  We play to ‘win’.  We feel the urge to tip the board.  (I learned that from my brothers!)  We feel like it REALLY matters.  Except.  NERD ALERT:  It doesn’t.

What if the problem is possibility?  And, the possibility of winning.  This trips us up.  And, makes us forget.  It’s always going to be okay.

Sure.  An ultimate stalemate means– no winners.  But, even better it means NO LOSERS.

Enjoy the game 🙂


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