15 Sep

Thoughts from a (non)handy girl!

(Seriously.  My bed’s been broken for months now.  And STOP! :P)

We all have a toolbox in life.  Hammers.  Nails.  Friends.  Addictions of choice.  (Have I told you I’m really into boots right now…)  Now, I’m not sure how we got this toolbox but we’ve got it.  And, we use what we got.  I believe some people call this ‘working it.’ 😉

Here’s the problem though.  Often we do not have what we need.  Have you ever tried to screw something with a hammer?  That’s my point.

I watch this all the time at work.  It’s not that the girls are not making progress.  It’s not that they do not want to get better.  Sometimes though they haven’t discovered their screwdriver.  Or best friend.  (I love calling my friends tools and meaning it :P)  Or yoga.  Or self-love.  (That may be one of mine…)  And, so when it gets rough they open their toolbox and pull out that same daft hammer.  And, then they use it.  (Sometimes they don’t even want to.)  Because it’s what they’ve got.  In spartan their toolbox.

When conscious, I do not believe we continue to stay rooted in the old merely because of pattern.  Maybe some people do.  Maybe ‘knowns’ feel better then hopes.  Or RISK.

But sometimes the stuck might be a more ‘practical’ reality.  We do not have the tools.  And, we feel like we need to do something.  So we pick up that daft hammer.  Or spoon.  Or double-speak.  I’m just saying…

Be kind to the people that relentlessly hit things.  (HINT:  I mean you!)  There is no other way to be.

You Tool 🙂


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