Man vs. Bird

7 Sep

No.  This is not a joke.  Go with me…

Now, you’ve probably all heard of ‘peacocking’– a term used to refer to when a male is flaunting himself in an effort to impress a woman.  This references back to male peacocks (and their tail-feathers).  Male peacocks are the colored ones and they physically demonstrate their beauty as a corollary sign of their reproductive fitness.  These physical displays of vitality and fitness are commonplace practice in bird mating and a far (inverted) cry from our sorority girl USA culture.

(Remind me what this is an adaptation to…)

Now, here’s where the male birds get even cooler!  One word:  BOWER.  Male Bower birds make art- yes ART!– to impress their lady birds.  They take trash and nature (and basically anything) and sculpt in the name of love.  That beats a text message any day!  Since, I cannot post a picture from National Geographic, I implore you to click on this link!  Seriously.  Click.

MAJOR wow right?!

And, check out how this Bird of Paradise dances!Firebird meets Rick James!  Woot.

Is it time to fly up fellas? 😛

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