Explode Your World

2 Sep

With perspective. 

It matters.

I have a LOVELY friend named a Alexa who spent all summer in Papua New Guinea studying Malaria in birds and being an anthropologist.  She spoke pigeon English (It’s kinda amazing– and FUNNY!) and learned about big, beautiful, NON-INDUSTRIALIZED life!  It goes like this:  Men kiss in the bush (…) , women work really hard (that’s not new!), not having a garden gets an:  ‘I’m sorry’, and Caucasian people are thought to be ghosts of ancestors past because they’ve never been seen before.  And, those are just a few.

Where Alexa went people live in clans and everything is learned by oral tradition.  Magic (yes- magic!) still matters.  There is no electricity and some of our normalcies are not even imagined.  But life happens.  Love happens.

To Note:  Our interpretation of the world is not the only one.  How easy we forget this though…

Alexa told me about how people still have questions:  Death, illness, sustainability.  RELATIONSHIPS.  They just do not answer them in science.  Or, with an anthropomorphic God.  Or, in binary.  Often, the people of Papua New Guinea are too busy surviving.  HARD.

(The life expectancy in Papua New Guinea is 63.)

Every now and then one of our western donation cast-offs comes to them through a missionary.  These drawer-less filing cabinets and broken watches become treasures.  It doesn’t matter that they don’t know what they are meant for.  Our world meanings mean nothing to them anyways…

Because there is more world.  There is always more world.

So when you are caught.  When our world answers (or your head grumblings) seem rote, REMEMBER– there is more world.  It’s explosive.  Enlightening.

There is perspective out there.  Perspective we didn’t know we were missing…


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