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30 Sep

Are happening all the time.  Or, they can be.  I have a friend who tries to meet one new person a day.  How cool is that!?!

Since I was lucky enough to go away for a yoga training last weekend I had introductions in SPADES.  And, it was interesting which Jamie I brought with me.  To be more honest, it was kind of disappointing.  LAME.

An introduction is a time to tell a story.  Precisely:  A time to tell your story.  Or, more realistically, give someone a blurb.  Which you get to edit…  Hmm.

Now, I fully believe that telling your story is important.  Necessary.  But which stories do you tell?  If our life is a bookshelf, which books do you quote from and which are getting dusty?  Forgotten?  What might you want to write next?

(Dreams are important too.  Your story is not done.  Imagination.  Hope.  Belief in the magic of your future–those stories are meant to be written.  You never have to write yourself off.)

When faced with a room full of strangers, when you get to pick ‘yourself,’ when the ground is new, what do you say?  Who are you?  What’s your introduction?

Do you explain what you do?  Does that serve you?  Do you believe your work is indicative of your capacity as a person?  Do you believe it reflects your values?

Yeah.  Thought so…

Do you talk about ‘what happened to you?’  Do you let yourself be victimized by change or circumstance?  Someone other person’s words or decisions?  Are you still playing out a scratchy record that (no one wants to hear because it) does not serve you?  Not when you can change it.

Yeah.  Thought so…

Do you talk about the things that make you smile?  The people in your life?

Do you listen?

Are you honest.

With you.

When you introduce yourself, who are you?

Hi.  I’m Jamie.  I believe that making things better for one makes things better for everyone.  Sometimes, that’s all I can do.  (Sometimes I overdo this :P.)  I’ve worked really hard to learn to make things better for myself.  I know that that makes things better for everyone too.  And, I know kindness matters.  So does smiling. 

Who are you?



29 Sep

I’m beginning to think her box rocks!  Besides being full of hope, she’s got RAD tunes.  Let me explain…

Now for the three people (Hi Dad!) who pay attention to this experiment blog of mine you might have noticed that I did not post anything yesterday.  My computer did not want to.  Or, to be more precise, my power-cord decided to become a fire hazard (HELLO firework!!!  And, not in the fun Katy Perry way :)) and then promptly stop working.  And, I had no battery left.  But, what I did have is my cell phone.  Which had this little app called PANDORA

Yes.  I know.  I KNOW!  We ALL know about Pandora.  I know about Pandora.  You know about Pandora.  Your mom knows about Pandora.

(I can safely say that my mom does not know about Pandora.  I believe she is where I get my “I suck at technology gene from.”  Yet another reason I fear procreation.  Apple.  At least Steve Jobs stepped down?  No.  Sigh.  Sad Mac…)

Pandora is FREE internet, cell phone, wifi radio that streams music based on artists you already love.  It’s like getting a mix from your boyfriend with songs that you actually like!!  And, you won’t hate the band when he remembers he’s selfish.  (At least he wished you well :).)  Basically, PANDORA’S FULL OF HOPE.  In the form of MUSIC!!!  How cool is that?!!!

My favorite ‘channels’ (which are determined based off of artist or song selection) are:  Blue Foundation Radio, Citizen Cope Radio, INXS Radio, Cary Brothers Radio, Michael Jackson Radio, and Duffy Radio.

But I’m just getting started…

You should too!

(Or, just congratulate me on joining the 2000s… :P)