26 Aug

A very rad girl told me this quote:

Education is anything that allows us to live in a larger world.

I thought– YES.  And, must share!!!

Now, is a time of year we hear a lot about school.  It’s that natural calendared transition from summer days to fall notebooks.  But, (sadly) school is not always simple education.  And, (much better) we can always stay open to learning.

Sure, the smell of school supplies is great.  (Stop!  You’ve done it too.)  But, what about the larger school of hard-knocks.  It’s the one I’m in.  And, let me tell you, large world = large learning.

Ultimately then, I guess the real issue is:  How BIG do you allow your world to be?

This is a tricky one.  In my experience, we want to make the world smaller.  Understandable, labeled, CONTROLLED.  (HINT:  It’s not.  You can’t.  Sorry…)  We do this with routines.  We do this with rules.  We do this by saying ‘no’.  We do this by ‘knowing’ (ha!) instead of allowing for learning

Instead, why not continue your education?  Why not ask?  Why not let go?  Why not fall?  Eventually you’ll fall out of that small nest into flight.

You can even do it for free :P!

“The late Richard Holbrooke used to give the essential piece of advice for a question-driven life: Know something about something. Don’t just present your wonderful self to the world. Constantly amass knowledge and offer it around.”  (Source)

Or, simply, keep learning.  Education is rad.  And, living.  LIFELONG.

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