Challenge Thursday

25 Aug

This one comes from an amazing girl.  Sadly, she’s yet to OWN how great she is.  (I try to tell her though!)  She’s in recovery (aren’t we all!) and she really wants to live VIVIDLY.  So, she pushes herself.  She’s down with feeling.  (HINT:  You’ve got to get down with feeling.)  And, she makes a habit of challenging herself.

She does ‘Challenge Thursdays.’  Every Thursday she confronts something.  Or, takes herself out of her box.

And, so can you.

TODAY.  Today accept a challenge.  Take a yoga class.  Eat that food.  (Okay- I just LOVE that stuff :))  Tell someone what really going on.  Admit to yourself how you really feel…

I challenge you.  I challenge you to remember how strong you actually are.

So what are you going to do today? 😛


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