23 Aug

Everything is.  But.  It’s funny how easily we forget this.  And, not in the haha way…

All of these beliefs we hold to be true.  Solid.  Unchanging.  THEY ARE NOT.

Stay with me.  Breathe.  It’s going to be okay 🙂

I’ll start with a simple (as if!) one:  Marriage.  Marriage today in the United States is not the same thing it was just a few months ago.  (Hell yeah!)  Nor, is it the same this it was in the 1950s.  Further, marriage in the United States is not the same thing as marriage in India, or Saudi Arabia, or Shakespeare.  So why do we act like there is one BIG “M” marriage?  I think there are just a lot of people putting a label on their relationship and then watching their relationship change…  Often in spite of their efforts (labels).

Now, what about family?  Well:  Where do you live?  And, when?  Again– TOTALLY MUTABLE.  Today we are lucky enough to be able to make friendships for life.  This is new wave family.  Thank you Al Gore and your internet!  We also get to travel and move.  Anywhere.  Everywhere.  We’re not living on Granddaddy’s farm anymore.  We are also not defending our tribe (unless you are big into ‘fantasy’ sports…  One day someone will properly explain this fad to me) or living the clan life of kinship and commune.  Our ‘family’ is a (numerically) lonelier one.  But that’s not immutable.

The crux is it is like this FOR EVERYTHING.  Every concept.  Every person in your life.  Mother.  Lover.  Friend.  Nothing is static or fixed.


And, here’s the good news:  YOU are mutable too.


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