Real Men Eat Don’t Tofu?

19 Aug

Remember- Girls eat chocolate and boys eat steak.  In heartbreak mode it’s ice cream vs. alcohol.  That’s what the media sells and that’s what we buy.  And, consume.

But, does this make sense?

In the US the vegetarians and sweet-teeth are primarily women.  At least that’s what an article from offers.  One part evolution, One part hormones, and MANY parts marketing…  It’s a GOOD read!

(Plus my anecdote for fun:  I was once called “tofu” by a ‘man‘ –I think he meant it well– as a contrast to his bacon?  But still, that’s a compliment how?!!  I guess I suck stuff in :P.  Hmm…)

Nonetheless, think about it.  Why do you eat what you do?  According to the article:  “Men eat meat, Women eat chocolate- How food gets gendered” some people in the non-famine ridden, marketing saturated US eat to affirm their gender.  Implication:  Men need meat because it’s manly.  ROAR.

Or, more academically:

“Brian Wansink [Love him and his manipulations!–Got to work w/ him a few years ago :)] is the director of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab, the author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, and all-around food psychology genius. People, he said, are more likely to eat a food when they associate with it qualities they’d like to see in themselves. So a man who wants to be strong and masculine is more likely to eat a food described as strong and masculine — hence the prevalence in American culture of meat as a manly food. Besides, he said, America has some of the most psychographically segmented advertising in the world — all messages that the food we eat is subconsciously saying something about us. “The reason we can view food as a commercial product is because we’ve never had a major starvation or a food shortage. We’ve always had an abundance of food,” he said. In India, it occurred to me, food was sacred, an elemental life force that provided sustenance, a resource we rarely took for granted. In the U.S., instead, it was an extension of one’s identity, a phenomenon made possible by the United States’ unique history of unrivaled luxury.”  (Source; emphasis mine)

Hmpf.  What if your food was JUST your food and was not your gender, identity, sexuality, or ambition?  What if your food was JUST YOUR NOURISHMENT?

What would you do?!!  What would eating look like?

Yeah.  And, whoa…

And, for the record, tofu is RAD.  For EVERYONE!


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