Wednesday Zen

17 Aug

This one’s been helping blowing my mind lately…

You know those stories we tell ourselves?  The:  When I’m this old I’ll be able to stop…  Or:  When my relationship looks like this…  Or:  When I have that job / person / income / trip to Greece…  They are never going to end.  Yup.  Or, more precisely, the searching– the ‘fowarding’ is never going to stop.

Not unless you change your mind.  Literally.  Change your mind.  Wake up.  Right now.  Stop ‘ahead.’

(Punny! Silly Jamie :P)

Sure.  You might get something on that narration.  You might get it all.  (Lucky you!)  But, the only thing that will happen will be that the narration will change.  We don’t ever ‘get everything together.’


How about instead– stop trying to ‘get everything together?!’  I know!  I know!!!  Easier said typed than…

But.  What if we just enjoyed the haphazard play of everyday?  Present.

That’s what I’m working on…  And, to be honest, sometimes it sucks.  But then I remember that the label way didn’t work either.  (Man- what a narration that had!  Commentators too.  Haha 😉

And, my gaffes nowadays are PRETTY HILARIOUS.  Funny stories to recount rant over a beer.

(I ❤ XKCD does everything for me…  And, NO!!! :P)

Still, I love how daylight always brings Reason (yes- big ‘r’) and inspiration and AWESOME news!  Maybe it’s because I never know what’s going to happen.  Unscripted.  Now, instead of ‘the story’ (bah bah bah) I just have my lived stories to share and giggle about.  No ‘ifs.’  No ‘thens.’  No ‘whens.’  JUST NOW.

That’s my present.  To me.

And, you 🙂


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