I teach at Cornell

12 Aug

Woot.  Office fans are winking.  A little self-parody never hurt anyone, eh? 😛

But, this is still kinda cool…

Turns out yoga is a learning and teaching tool.  Um.  YES!  And, myself, along with my girl Z.

(love her!)

have been invited to share our (apparently diametrically opposed?!) teaching styles to for a class of undergraduates up at the Cornell ILR school.  How amazing!

The story:  Teaching in a collegetown you get to interact with a load of fascinating, engaging people.  And, it turns out that some of them are the ones that teach others some of the fascinating, engaging material that makes me go:  ‘WOW!  We used to have two heads and four arms and four legs and feel complete‘  (Thank you Plato :P).

Well, one of the these professors is a yoga regular.  And, while I’ve been encouraging people to leave their days at the door, she’s been thinking about how people learn.  It’s her job.  <Insert pause for irony ;)>

She’s been taking our classes, and upon her reflection, she realized that we were ‘ideal’ (her words) examples of the learning theories she’ll be teaching in her business HR management course.

(No pressure right?!)

Now.  Here’s where it gets funny.  I am what she called ‘fluffy’ (hell yeah!) Experiential Learning Theory ala David Kolb.  In experiential learning, you (the learner) have a direct interaction with the material.  I’m the girl who gets you to get yourself there.  No intermediary required?…

And, here I was thinking I was the elusive Buddhist/Russian :P.

So.  I’ll be teaching at Cornell.  (A place you go to sit and study.)  That people can learn by doing.  <Insert pause for irony ;)>

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