11 Aug

Comes in many forms.  For some, it’s saying ‘yes.’  For others, it’s saying ‘no.’

For a group of nine girls, it was going out to dinner.  Yes.   I took them to a family-style dinner.  To be family.  And, to remember that a meal can be so much more than food.  So much more nourishing.

But, first they had to be a little brave.

And, I know it.  Because I’ve been there.

Still, I guess I should back up a bit.  If you don’t know, one of my many, many jobs is a program manager / yoga therapist / support person / smiler 😛 for an Intensive Outpatient Program run through an eating disorder treatment center.  Some days are hard.  Some days are incredible.  All days are heartfelt.  And, honest.  Everybody gets to be real honest.  What a breakthrough.

And, this week, the girls got to be brave.  (Except they always are.  They are offering themselves the chance to change.  We do not have to stay the same.)

HINT:  We are never the same.

Now, for many of us a meal is just a meal.  And, for many of us a meal is not a meal.  And, luckily (?) most of these ‘manys’ they have not been diagnosed with an eating disorder.  But, how many of the ‘manys’ know what nourishment is?  Do they how they nourish themselves?  And, why?

I doubt it…

We seldom think or focus on the real.  Auto-pilot is an easy way to live.  Until we crash.

Into reality.

Now, at IOP there is a lot of real.  A lot of bravery.  A lot of real piloting (and sometimes crashing…)

Now, you might think that doing something neuro-typical (that’s science for normal :P) like dinner out is not brave.  And, that’s valid.  Maybe even appropriate.  But, then you lose our chance to be inspired.   And, to celebrate each other.

Perhaps, it’s not where we’ve been, or even what we are doing, but how we are growing.  Up.  Up.  And, out of our dirty nests.


The girls did not crash.  They laughed.  They nourished.  They flew.

Thank you for your bravery ladies.

And for reminding me:  we can all fly.  Out of the nest.  Back into the wonder…

Be brave today.

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