9 Aug

Is not easy…

To take it day by day.  Moment by moment.  Breath by breath.


I’ve been trying to do this while I wait for some really exciting stuff to happen…

Well, first I was just plain waiting without much advocating.  Waiting for something someone (eek!) to change my life.  Then, I  got real.  I thought:  SERIOUSLY!! How daft?!  And, so I did what I do.  I said a lot of ‘yeses’ and ‘yes I am interesteds…’  I believe deeply in stirring the pot of opportunity.

And, there was stuff on the bottom of my pot.  (Hint:  There is stuff on the bottom of all of our pots!)  The good brown bits that make everything yummy.  The crud that becomes bold, powerful opportunity.  Yet.  Like a good sauce, it takes time.  No microwaved life is amazing!

Turns out I stink at patience.  And, slow-cooking 😉

(Then she got a crock-pot!)


I think it has to do with impulsiveness.  That sprinkle of tomfoolery I have.  And, my impulsiveness makes me a great coordinator.  I get shit done.  It’s not perfect.  It’s not prudent.  But, it’s out there…

(Except I do tend to burn my tongue!– literally and well…)

So, how do I keep patient when the desire is there?  Breathe and wait.  Breathe and enjoy?!!

Seriously.  I’m asking here…

Before I burn my tongue (again)!

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