Own the Half-full

8 Aug

She wrote while listening to Stop This Train.  That’s irony.  (Not bad luck Alanis Morrissette!! :P)

But, my point– when we believe that we have positive authority and effect in our lives then we tend to treat ourselves better and believe that we are (or will) be happier!

It’s a good thing to live as if the nachos are always half full:


Adding to the positive magic, when we believe in fate, we believe that we will have the ‘right’ fate.

I ran out of nachos on this day because I needed to go to the store and run into him…

Fate or Pygmalion (H. made me do it!), Synchronicity or Existentialism?  Maybe it doesn’t matter.  But your attitude does.  Because it turns out it makes a difference…

Your rose colored glasses will keep you content and moving forward in your life: 

“The optimism bias is a crucial ingredient for keeping us happy.  When people perceive the future accurately, when they are well aware that none of the things people assume will make them happy is likely to have any lasting significance on their well-being, when they take off their rose-tinted glasses and see things more clearly, they become depressed– clinically depressed.”  (Sharot, 90, The Optimism Bias)

So, this week, commit to seeing brighter.  If reality bites make some nachos :)!

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