Flying Upside Down

4 Aug

Do you ever have the feeling that you are spun around?  Or worse, that you’ve just woken up and everything has been upside down (and not in the fun Jack Johnson way :P)?


It turns out this actually happens.

Now normally it’s an optical illusion but I wonder if our mind does it too…

(I’ll get to this later.)

First, the some facts though!

A flight lesson—  Technology can sometimes make us safer.  A pilot can fly a plane upside down and remained convinced that all is right (side up).  That’s because their brains can get confused.  Without proper barring, external cues can get misinterpreted.  And, the mind and visual fields want to adjust for our ‘normal’ (read:  conditioned) perspective.  The government knows about this visual maladaptation and, thus, created regulations to keep us safe!  Consequently, pilots are trained to use Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) to redirect from visual and perception error, ultimately keeping us safe.  It’s a triumph of machine over mind.

Or, as M. soothingly told me, it’s a triumph of a compilation of data from great minds that has been programmed into a machine, so that all these human minds can help direct a lone misguided one.  Rad.

Still don’t believe me?  Still think your mind can never be tricked?  Check out the ‘Thatcher Effect’:

Our brain will recognize three of these faces as ‘appropriate’ even though only two are normal.

So, I guess it turns out we don’t always see things clearly…

Learning this, I wonder:  What if our minds invert things too? 

Thinking about the heart-whopping I’ve taken (silly inverted ‘love’!), I’m pretty sure that this might be true.  Without proper barring, we can convince ourselves of anything.  (It’s ‘acceptable’ to bargain with your love over sobriety?!!)  Up is no longer a direction.  It’s just a word.

That’s when it gets scary…

But–  What if there were Instrument Life Rules (ILR :P) for us?

We should compile the minds and make some! 😛

I’ll start: 

Barring– Daily Practices:  Get Some

Beliefs- Non negotiable:  Have Some

Friends– Everyday:  Make / Maintain Some

Love-  ALWAYS:  Give Some

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